Portals into a new time and space!

I got this idea from Paul Hamilton, a mixed reality enthusiast...he recently made a post about CoSpaces and its masking feature. That sparked an idea for me to create a portal into education...check the video attached. Below is an example of what I called a Relaxation Portal...just imagine how that would feel with a Vision Pro!!!! The ability to literally be in a AR environment one sec and fully immersed in a VR environment the next, all seamlessly!!!  

Since this is Apple Education, I cannot ignore this possibility...as a former math teacher, it is a true challenge to get students engaged and curious about math topics. This example was called a "Fraction Portal" where you can enter into a virtual space to learn the fundamentals of fractions. The possibilities are endless. We are only bound by our own imaginations!

Has anyone done any other works in CoSpaces.io?

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November 16, 2023

This could be used so many different ways! If anyone else is looking to check this out, I discovered some great resources available on the cospaces site too. There are a bunch of lesson plans already built as well as some training and pd materials. It is very well laid out! There's a VR best practices pdf too that is free to read - might be a good place to start for anyone wanting to jump into VR!



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