Numbers: Geography Compare and Contrast

I find Numbers to be such a useful tool for structuring tasks over multiple lessons. The use of tabs allows me to separate individual activities and lessons while still having all the content and information handy. The attached document is a compare and contrast activity that we do in the study of Geography. Tabs are used to separate the individual tasks and I have used formatting in the tables so that research questions and information can easily transfer from one tab to another.


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September 06, 2022

Such a great way to use Numbers. I have been using it similarly, making life a little easier for projects.

I did learn a trick for Jodie Deinhammer with Numbers on the iPad. On each tab make the header a different color, so if you are using Apple Classroom to monitor students you can quickly see the different colors to get a quick idea of what stage the students are at in the project.

September 07, 2022

Yes! agree with you and Brian, Numbers is such a great way to structure geography (and other tasks). Thanks so much for the well organized and beautiful Numbers template download! I like the research questions area where students come up with questions to pursue. Always engaging when students can help formulate what they are interested in.

I would love it if you also could post your Numbers Geography Compare and Contrast in the Social Studies area of this Community It would so helpful for those just looking for geography content. It is such a great idea and a cool resource! The Social Studies area of the Teaching and Learning Forum has this for a handle:

History, geography, political science, economics, psychology, and more — connect in this this area to join discussions, share resources, and inspire ideas that help shape the world.

And for geography fun, try this web game (a take off from Wordle) ( WorLdle) that has a wonderful geography challenge each morning! Stumps me way too frequently. 🙁

September 07, 2022

This is great! I love the conditional formatting on the vocabulary. The Notes page for planning is a great scaffold too. Thanks for sharing 👏

September 09, 2022

Great source, thanks for sharing. I'm with Lisa; I love the conditional formatting.

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