Using Clips in the Modern Foreign languages Classroom

Most adults wish that they had paid more attention in their languages classes and seem to always rue the day that they gave up learning them. Languages open doors for us but they are also windows on the world, they give the learner a unique view in to another person's mindset and culture which is why I'm passionate about students learning a second or even third language. Even a small amount of language will get you a long way, most people really appreciate it when some has made the effort to speak to them in their language, which is why so much of my time in the classroom is spent encourage students to speak and not worry too much about the grammar, just simply to communicate.

Clips helps users to make short, snappy videos quickly and easily on iPad which makes it the perfect companion to a foreign languages lesson as it enables students to make great looking videos but add their voice and text to them in multiple foreign languages. It's a world away from dull paired speaking activities and allows students to explore all sorts of topics both culturally and linguistically. This book shows teachers how to use Clips in the classroom whilst also providing a number of lesson ideas so that they can really activate speaking tasks with their students.

The language deficit in the UK alone costs Britains economy £53 billion pounds per year we need more linguists so that we can trade but more importantly we need more empathy, more cross-cultural comprehension and most importantly more kindness in today's world. Learning a foreign language can help to achieve all of that and if this book helps to make the teaching and learning of languages that much easier and that much more enjoyable then, job done!


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February 09, 2023

Such a good commentary on the importance of learning language and a fun and creative way to learn and practice. Thanks also, Rachel, for the link to your helpful book! I loved the Nelson Mandela quote at the end.

February 10, 2023

This is a great resource on ways for students to build mastery in the speaking domain. Thanks!

February 12, 2023

Thanks for highlighting this great resource you've created, Rachel!

February 21, 2023

Rachel I really enjoyed your book talk! You certainly bring joy and fun to World Language learning through your ideas. Very inspirational and something we should all aspire towards.

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