Aylesbury Talks LOVE: Tips for Designing in Pages

One of my favourite projects this year has been our Aylesbury Talks Love book. We are working through an inquiry focused on creating photographic texts with digital layers. At this phase of the project we really want to honour the diversity of our families. We wanted kids to not just see mirrors, windows and sliding doors in the texts on our shelves but rather ACTUALLY see themselves. A camera, an iPhone and an iPad later we had our first book: Aylesbury Talks Love. On a chilly day in February we set up a photo booth outdoors to catch our families before and after school, snapped a picture and then captured their responses to a few prompts in Video (How do you show love? What do you love to do together? Do you know how to say love in another language?).

I wish I could share our final product! Seeing friends recognize themselves, being able to hear not just our text narration but also our families voices through out was amazing.

I love how Pages allows for such a range of creation, so many opportunities to LEVEL UP and thought I'd share some tips as I was designing in Pages.

Tip 1: Set Up

Tip 2: Choose a Colour Palette 

Tip 3: Mask with Shape

Tip 4: Group & Lock 

Any of the tips new to you? Have any of your own you would add?


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Posted on April 14, 2023

Beautifully done Tina! So helpful and easy to follow! I love your conversational approach. And, wonderful tips and tricks, this is great for helping to get learners and educators started in Pages. Appreciate it!

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