Estimation in three steps

This lesson was created to spice up our math lesson on estimation. Rather than having the kids sit and record their estimates on chart paper, I created an activate lesson to get them thinking.

First the kids viewed the container of beans. Next they were sent off to reflect with the following questions: What do you notice? What are you curious about? How many beans are in the jar?

When we reconvened we discussed their questions, and I recorded about six students’ estimates. Next I asked them if there was any extra information that would help them get a closer estimate. After some discussion I showed them a few loose beans and some beans in a cup. They came to the conclusion that the loose beans amounted to ten, and the cup was fifty beans.

The students then went off to refine their estimates based on this new information. We revisited the first six estimates with any revisions.

For the final part of the lesson the students divided into groups to sort and count the beans. Once we had a final number the students took a picture of our collection.

I also added a homework slide for the students to extend their learning at home.



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