Black History Month Classroom Door Commemoration using Pages Template

One of the ways schools celebrate Black excellence or history month is by decorating classroom doors with images and information on historic or current Black activist, heroes and those who have made a contribution in various fields.  If you teach history, I’ve attached a Pages template learners can use to plan their door commemorations. With Pages, a printer and some glue learners can make their classroom doors into teaching resources.


Pages template for Black History Month Door Commemoration
Pages template for Black History Month Door Commemoration

Suggested iPad Steps for Learners:

Open Pages, tap + in upper right and scroll down to Flyers and Posters. Tap to open. I used the designs from this section to create a mock up. Learners can select their own template.

Research - Download,  print and cut out photos of Civil Rights heroes.  Consider Library of Congress Research Guide - African American Activists of the 20th Century: Selected Pictures Portrait Gallery  (“This resource guide includes images, primarily portraits, of Black American civil rights activists active in the twentieth century. All selected images are from the Prints & Photographs Division and have no known restrictions on publication”)

Measure door and cut to size a large sheet of poster paper (schools often have this paper in stock for bulletin boards or signs.)

Cut to size strips of colored poster paper as background for each photo.  Attach photos to strips and glue strips with photos on background poster paper.

Create and print QR codes that will link to background information on heroes.  Use Apple Shortcuts to make QR Codes. See Mike Yakubovsky’s Community Post here for easy directions: QR codes easily and securely

Draw title directly on poster paper with marker pens or print out title and paste to poster paper.

Type, using Notes, directions or a challenge to poster viewers, print out Note and attach to background poster

Attach completed poster paper with tape to outside classroom door so all who walk by can see the commemoration and use the QR codes to access more information.

And the beauty of designing on a shared Pages document is that your door decor can also be sent out digitally to other classrooms at your school and the community for learning.


Pages Template poster for Black History Month
Pages Template poster for Black History Month

Additional resources in the Apple Education Community for Black History Month



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February 04, 2024

Thanks so much for sharing this, Cheryl. I am in Australia, so the curriculum for history is a little different, but I love reading about how others are exploring these important ideas and topic.

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