World Explorers Research and Poster Project

Exploring the Great Explorers: A Journey Through History and Creativity

Dive into the past with our captivating World Explorers project, where Year 4 students embark on an educational adventure to research the lives and discoveries of history's most renowned explorers. This project combines historical inquiry with creative expression, challenging students to not only uncover the fascinating stories of these adventurous figures but also to bring their tales to life through vibrant, informative posters.

From Christopher Columbus to Henry Hudson, students select an explorer that sparks their curiosity, delve into their expeditions, and analyse the impact of their discoveries on the world as we know it. The culmination of their research is a creatively designed poster that showcases their explorer's life, routes, and impact.

This project encourages critical thinking, enhances research skills, and fosters creativity, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience.


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