Using iPad to Unleash Students Inner Photographer

Students today have early exposure to cameras thanks to the advancement of cameras in iPhones and iPad. There is so many positives to teaching photography not just teaching students basic skills like how to edit/focus a photo, change the lighting, composition, how different angles can change a picture and give a unique perspective. 

They also learn basic photography etiquette like asking permission before taking a photo, to delete photos when asked, considerations of taking photos in public places, what happens when you share a photo, etc…..

Students are motivated to learn when you tie in their personal interest, they have a sense of autonomy, it gives them a freedom to explore, learn from each other and over come challenges. Photography has helped my students build self esteem and confidence, seeing the pride when they show other people the pictures they have taken. My favourite thing about teaching students photography is unleashing my students creativity, showing them how to capture amazing photos using their iPad. 

As teachers we have a list of skill and content that we have to cover and creativity is often very far down or not on the list at all. But to me creativity should not be an add on its an essential skill. In today world change is happening more quickly than ever before and we need people that can generate innovative ideas and the one size fits all curriculum leave very little room for creativity and this leaves students at a disadvantage for further success 

This image is a picture of a look up along a beech tree that's lost its leaves, to a clear blue sky
This shows two pictures one raw and one edited of a pair of glasses sitting on a wet picnic bench.
2 pictures, 1 raw & 1 edited looking down wet black railing to a school. You can see the name in the reflection of the water
a discarded wrap laying on asphalt, that a student has drawn on a funny face.

4 replies

August 27, 2022

Great idea to integrate photography into a variety of activities and subjects. An engaging and personal learning tool for student!

August 27, 2022

Love this! Camera is one of the magical features of iPad for learning. Add a little Markup and creativity explodes!

August 28, 2022

Such great ideas, Lyndsey! 🤩

Camera really is the one app for all age group, subjects and content areas! 📷 🌟

April 09, 2023

Thank you for this! I am looking to design a progression of mini lessons for a unit on photography with the iPad. I downloaded the Everyone Can Create Photo book and several other ADE books from this forum. Do you have any suggestions for a sequence of skills?

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