*RECORDING AVAILABLE* Join us for the Apple Education Community Teacher Resource Share-out - March 26, 2024

Hosted by Jessica Herring-Watson

Hear from Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) as they showcase innovative ways to use Apple technology in the classroom and beyond to support teaching and learning. In these hour-long sessions, ADEs will share a project they're excited about and their motivation and process for creating that resource. They'll also highlight ways to apply these ideas and resources in your own teaching practice. Each monthly session highlights recently published content from the Apple Education Community Forum.

Connect with the presenters in the Teaching & Learning area of the Forum to ask questions and continue the conversation.

Featured Resources

Designing Culturally Responsive Assessments

Author: Michael Mills, Associate Dean in the College of Education at the University of Central Arkansas, Read the Forum post >

One Best Math Lesson

Author: Mary Kemper, Executive Director of Instructional Leadership, Coppell ISD, Coppell, Texas, Read the Forum post >

One Best Thing - Prompt Crafting for Educators

Author: Tori Spicer-Stuart, Head of Teaching and Learning, Middle School, Beaconhills College, Read the Forum post > 



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