Ancient Civilisations Digital Dioramas

At my school (and in many across Victoria), in Years 7 through 9, students do a semester of History and then a semester fo Geography for their core Humanities subject. In our Humanities classes last week, my Year 7s and I have been exploring something a little bit different. The students have just wrapped up an inquiry project into an ancient civilisation of their choice, focussing on a particular sub-topic, such as leadership & power, or beliefs & religion.

To share their knowledge of their civilisation and to flex their creative muscles, this week they created augmented reality digital dioramas (remember the shoe box dioramas of the 90s?) of their civilisation. They first created the digital artefacts in Keynote then exported them to use in the augmented reality app, ARMakr. Finally, they did a screen recorder which they uploaded to our classroom LMS to share with their classmates. I absolutely loved seeing what they created, but also the collaboration and problem solving that went into the task. Sometimes things did not go to plan and the students worked together to troubleshoot and come up with solutions.  

AR Makr in the classroom
AR Makr in the classroom

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Posted on June 08, 2024

Super idea Tori - Digital Dioramas. Great way for students to jump back in time and create scenes from the past. Thanks for your explanation of the process. This certainly can be applied in many different curricular areas. And, oh yes, I remember those shoebox dioramas - always fun. Adding the AR makes it even more dynamic.

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