What’s the Weather? Collaboration on Numbers.


I created this Numbers Weather Chart way back in the day when collaboration on Numbers didn’t even exist. 😅 Back then, my class partnered with another class in Germany and we emailed each other our completed weather charts at the end of each month to talk about the weather in our countries. We loved it! I’d love to use it again this year to promote data usage and talking about real world data with my little learners (aged 5-6).

Here’s how we used it previously:

  • Each morning we would discuss the weather forecast, looking at the Weather app to chat about what that day’s weather would look like.
  • We chose the date, which then displayed a drop down menu of weather options.
  • Once we chose the weather for the day, it would automatically keep a tally along the bottom to show the total of each weather item for that month.
  • We would compare the tally chart with our friends in another country and talk about how it differed.

Here’s how I’d love to expand on it this year:

I’d love to get lots of classes of little learners from all over the world to each add their own Sheet to the document and collaborate, to keep track of their weather each month too. Each class could then ‘visit’ a different country by taking a look at their sheet and comparing the weather with their own. Eg: “we’ve had 7 days of rain this month while our friends in Australia had none!”

If you’d like to get involved, let me know. It would be a great way to set up some global partnerships around data for young kids and perhaps we could expand it to learning about each others’ schools and countries too through the year. I’m thinking we could each add a blank sheet to the document that shares info about our school and our country and leaves space to send messages to each other about what we’ve discovered about their weather. Any other ideas to develop it too, would be so welcome!


Numbers document showing the weather for each day and a tally chart of each weather type.

Posted on August 21, 2023 in response to Karen_I

Wonderful International collaborative activity Karen! In addition students might want to share weather reports with each other created in Clips or iMovie using green screens. There is a super example in the Learning Center:

Create Green-Screen Effects - Scroll down to see Morgan Cave’s Watch out for Weather

Posted on April 29, 2024 in response to Karen_I

This is awesome! I am sharing this with some of our elementary teachers in our district!

Question: What’s the Weather? Collaboration on Numbers.

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