Matariki Lessons for Rumaki classrooms (Reo Māori)

Matariki is the Māori name for the Pleiades star cluster and marks the Māori New Year in New Zealand. It is special to New Zealand as it signifies a time of remembrance, celebrationand preparation for the coming year, deeply rooted in Māori culture and traditions.

This post is dedicated to a collection of Matariki resources for our Rumaki classrooms (there is also an English version where available). They have been created by talented kaiako at Rotorua Primary School. All teach in Rumaki or Reo Rua classrooms and are passionate about using Apple technology to enhance the teaching and learning of Te Ao Māori.

LESSON #1 - Taylah teaches in a Y1-2 Rumaki class and has created a Keynote scaffold to support her learners in discovering what each star represents. I love the way she also recorded her voice to add another layer of support and engagement. Getting the students to show their understanding through visual arts means every child can be successful.



Here is the link: 

If you’d like the English version of this go to my post 

LESSON #2 Waimiere teachers Y3 & 4 in a Reo Rua setting, she created this Keynote scaffold for her learners as a self-paced resource so they can learn about the stars in the Matariki cluster. I love the animations she uses to really engage her learners and her visual cues are a great way to make the learning accessible for everyone. 


Here is the link to her post.

LESSON #3 - In this project, tamariki create their own Memoji in Freeform of one of the Matariki stars based on what they have learnt about each star’s significance. I then adapted the Magazine front cover resource, initially created by Rachel Minns, to showcase each star. Here is the link to her post: Rachel Minns' Post (if you want to do this in English). This resource is in Te Reo and has been kindly translated by Czenamin Barlow, a Year 3 & 4 Rumaki teacher.


Here is the link to this post - (there is a screen recording of how to create your Memoji in this post)


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